Play it Pewds
He makes me laugh and keeps me sain. This blog's for Pewds *brofist*.
sheisbae: I love ur blog.

Well who doesn’t like Pewds? <3

Hiya guys! If you weren’t already aware, this lovely lady and i are the admins of this blog, but we also have personal blogs as well if you would like to check them out and give us some love other there :3

You can reach me (Ashlee) here

And her (Angelica), here 

Happy reblogging *brofist*

youtuberscrossing: Hi I'm Dottie and I have created a new tumblr account which is based around youtubers! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Like you! I was just wonder if you could maybe tell your followers about me! Its okay if you don't want to I understand completely. I hope your blog continues to be fantastic and I hope mines will grow to be wonderful :D Thank you!

Hi Dottie! Thanks sweetie! Everyone give this darling some love!